Army of One

Karl Smiley, Marilyn O'Malley with help from Dawn Jones


The Scholarship fell through, Now what am I gonna do

I guess I won't be goin' to school

Flippin' burgers for 8 bucks an hour Feelin' like somebodies fool

Late at night ,on my parent's TV, don't they look so sure and proud!

Be all that you can be.  Be an army of one.

But then I heard my mama cry out loud...She said...


Chorus:  Oh no!  Please don't go.  You don't want to be that one.

Oh no!  Please don't go.  You don't want to be that one.


The Sergeant said it's true.  It's a great deal for you.

We'll pay all your college and health care when you're back.

Freedom's worth a fight.  Sign up and do what's right.

Don't worry.  It won't be like Iraq.


But my girl on the phone feared I'd not be coming home

Or I'd end up someone who isn't me.

I told her I'd be fine.  This is what I need.

But in my mind I still can hear her plea:  she said....




Now I'm back and I'm lost.  I had no idea the cost.

Ofprotecting corporate interests over seas.

I saw too many die.  I'll never know just why.

These days I never seem to be at ease.


Can't work, can't sleep, can't eat.  I think of blood and heat.

Nothing is the same as it was before

I twist and turn at night.  I relive each firefight.

Sisters and brothers, don't go to this war.  I say....


Chorus 2 times