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            Home grown organic free range Americana


Karl Smiley is an award winning songwriter who loves to mix it up with his unique and personal

spin on rhythmic blues, traditional folk and some covers.  He plays his own brand of finger style

guitar and loves to fly free with his whistling or scat breaks. 


His favorite venue is the house concert where he can share both his music and his art with people in

an intimate, give and take atmosphere.  Of course festivals are great too and some amazing and

wonderful things can happen when busking or anywhere that spark of contact or shared knowing or

feeling can occur.


Believing that you should create more of what you want to see in the world, Karl is heading into the

7th year of his Summit House Concert series.  What fun to introduce wonderful musicians (many

who he met at Far-West Folk Allaince) to his warm and appreciative neighbors in the Oregon coast range.